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Long shot, Tomo no Ura blades anyone?

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The Tomo-no-Ura History Folk Museum of Fukuyama in Hiroshima is planning an exhibition to run from October 2022.


The famous and picturesque little tidal port of Tomo used to be a manufacturing base for anchors and ship nails, and smiths there were called 'anchor smiths'. (Miyazaki Hayao stayed there to write Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea).


It may be that in early to mid-Muromachi one or more Aoe swordsmiths moved there , but Bishu Tomo Ju Sadatsugu, Sadaie and Ietsugu forged sword blades there. At present the museum staff know only of one extant Tanto and one spear by these smiths, but they are putting the word out for any information about other extant blades.


Look for 備後 Bingo or 備州 Bishu, and the single Kanji Tomo 住 (鞆の浦 Tomo no Ura)........ :thumbsup:

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