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To buy or not to buy, that is the question

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Hello Gentlemen and the few ladies on the NMB,

   How is everyone enjoying year 21?   Before I put my resume out to Xi to ask if there are any Solar panel assembly jobs to be had I have the opportunity to spend freshly printed TRUMP/BIDEN bucks on the below sword.   This is being offered via pics so I have not seen it in had.   It looks interesting due to the hamon,  I see the character that looks like a Taisho era on the mei.   Correct?  Cannot make out the smith,  can you?     I also do not know if the kanji on the shirasaya mentions anything of interest.    The problem with the blade is the onr large chip in the edge and the mei looks like a chippy job hastily done.      Guy wants 1K,  I am thinking of eating the shipping costs and taking a good look.      Would you pass?

Best regards,











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My personal opinion is $1000 is a lot to take on such an ‘unknown’.  All the risk is yours.  You have no idea what is under the dried grease.  Hagire?  Damage?  Tired blade?  And the chip is also a big ?????  That deep and there may only be two options.  Polish it down all the way and be left with a toothpick on an already questionable blade?  Or only polish it down enough (and flaw still shows) to restore blade, see remaining activity, and you are left with a blade with a flaw in it.  Seems like a lot to gamble on for $1000.. at least in my humble opinion.

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I agree with Mark and Barry here. That is a large pricetag for a lot of unknown. I don't think the chip is THAT serious unless the blade has already been polished down a lot.. then its forever there. However, without that grease being removed, you take a large risk of not knowing if there is hagire or other flaws present.

IF the habaki was slide down just a little to see the machi, then you might be able to make a judgement call on how much polishing the blade can take.

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I think with a little uchiko and oil this could turn out nice.

Even with the chip this could be a nice ubu bizen blade to enjoy.

Im not sure but i think its more Tensho then taisho and the mei looks ok.

After cleaning you will get at least 700$ on ebay for it so 300$ for a gamble :glee:

How long Nagasa ? The habaki is solid gold ?

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700 doesn't buy much of a blade at a show,   I could do great at a country auction with 700 if a sword was there.   i have guys beating the bushes finding stuff so unless it is fake I need to offer a fair deal or next time they go with the greasy Honjo Masamune to someone else first.

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Blade looks to say:    AMAHIRA SAKU X X X            BIZEN X X X UJI.       Saya:   top:  TAMA TSUKURI x     bottom:  SATUMA SEI NO SUKE.     Needs follow up to see if related.

I tend to agree with Brian, chip yes but not enormous and is way back, kissaki in good condition?

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Blade came in and I spent a few minutes cleaning it up.


1.  Under the grease,  there were some kizu to enjoy with the thin Bizen steel

2.  One of the ivory tsuka circles is screwed up.



It has the start of a special order mei 'BIZEN KUNI JU OSAFUNE'   the rest is too worn for a novice to make out

Nice tip and ha except for the nip which looks old,  maybe it was from a real fight

Polish is good enough for study.

It does have a nice antique look to it.


 I was thinking about putting it my booth for the 'I BUY Japanese SWORDS' as I need one in there  but I have a clunker type 3 coming in next week.   BTW,  if any of you get to Jacksonville N.C. let me know and stop by the store, look at some swords and shoot some guns.   1624144606_DSC_0293(2).thumb.JPG.6ab420ca252f8cae2f78748a043d5170.JPG





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On 2/12/2021 at 1:45 AM, DoTanuki yokai said:

Maybe someone here is able to read the whole signature with some good pictures ? 

Christian,  I took a look at it under some decent lighting with some maginification and had some books to match the few strokes that can be made out.   I am thinking it is one of the  SUKESADA circa 1573

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