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埋忠 重義 - Umetada Shigeyoshi Tsuba


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Dear Tosogu friends,


I let you comment this  Umetada Shigeyoshi (  埋忠橘重義 ) Tsuba. If someone has a clue on who is the artist having signed it (among the 12 to 15 artists having signed this way) it would be a plus.


Other question: I guess the design is height Ginko leaves  and represents a Family crest . What are you views?


Thank you



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hmmm............ Icho-no-ha, 銀杏の葉 ginkgo could be, although I didn't see it that way at first. (The leaves tend to be ragged on the outside edges.) I really like this unusual tsuba.



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@Sebastien: That is a good idea and would be in the Japanese mind set (I like the idea of the Tsuba being the whole rebus for Ume.)

@John A Stuart: That is probably the most close Kamon we could find and related to the Akeshi family (Bellflower)


Thank you both of you for those very interesting proposals.



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