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Ray Singer

Swordsofjapan.com status updates

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Opening this thread for updates related to upcoming sales. I went to central Florida today to pick up an new collection for consignment. Pieces included Hizen Tadayoshi (rokudai), Yamato Tegai (Nanbokucho), Sagami (no) kami Masatsune, Magoroku Kanemoto, shodai Kawachi (no) kami Kunisuke, Ujifusa, and others. Please check back for new items to be posted for sale here soon.


Best regards,


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Adding to this collection a blade by Harukuni with kinzogan-mei, owner's inscription and the Yagyu adage Katsujinken Satsujinken.


Katsujinken Satsujinken - A sword that takes life also gives life

The Yagyū Shinkage Ryū is one of the most honored and venerable systems of classical swordsmanship with a history that stretches back 450 years. Known as the swordless style, which combines swordsmanship and zen. Besides its formidable technique, it is famous for an adage: katsujinken satsujinken 殺人刀活人剣. The literal reading is “the sword of life; the sword of killing.” A common translation is slightly different: “the sword that takes life is the sword that gives life.” Yet the deeper meanings are not straightforward. The aikidō sensei and Zen priest, Furuya Kenshō, noted that it was regarded as a kōan, a teaching riddle intended to provoke enlightenment through prolonged contemplation.


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