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My first gendaito

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Just need a little help with this one. This is going to be my first gendaito and was wondering if anyone could comment on how I did? I looked at various examples of Emura's blade and this one seem to be above average. The hamon line looks healthy and bright. However, I do know the ebay seller is also not hitting a 100% based on the reviews around here.


Link here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-Army-officer-039-s-sword-in-mountings-Gendaito-034-Emura-034-/353358808526?hash=item5245d385ce:g:nloAAOSwO29gBkHp&autorefresh=true&nma=true&si=Nr1lTid%2B4I87cLbwrT3orVhWOWQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557


Thank you for your time!


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14 minutes ago, Stephen said:

Pricewise you did well. Bout half the going rate.

I think id like a closer look at the mei before i dropped that much on it.


Many to check out here.



Precisely what I did first and it seem like the mei matches with A or D in that link. The drawn out line on the final character (my japnese is super rusty) reminds me of A the most but I could be wrong. 


Also, I'm curious if there has been other Emura blade with this hamon style...

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10 hours ago, PNSSHOGUN said:

Nice early style mounts and a decent price. My main concern is the amateur polish that seller does on many blades.

Hmm good to know. I did take his statement that the blade is in old polish at face value so I should examine it closer. 

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I kind of think Showa22 uses uchiko or something on blades sometimes but ends up making micro scratches across them.  Maybe he gets them that way.


I think you got a cool sword, I always eye Emuras when I see them.  Emura blades due to the history of his prison and having inmates make blades have that additional interesting factor especially since they can be highly considered.   Emura was one of those makers that had a group of people under him making blades and I'm not quite sure if there is a definitive way to know which ones he truly made himself.  Alot of the higher value in these seem to be in the polish, this also may be because having to polish it would likely cost over what they command on the market.  "Condition condition condition" 


Love the older punched type 94/98 tsuba & gunto koshirae.


I always find Nagamitsu and Emura as a kind of maker "grouping" in gunto discussions...but Emura seems to edge slightly ahead in market and "cool" factor.


Showa22 has another Emura listed now for $2500 OBO and its one that was returned by a previous buyer.  Probably scratches.  Pretty sure I remember the one listed now going for like just under $1500 in the auction before it was returned. 


Congratulations!  Share more pics when it arrives!

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