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Wakizashi opinions please


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could the un uniformity of the tang rust be due to the machi being moved when it was shortened so that part at the tang was not rusted and the original part of the tang was already rusted so as it all carried on rusting it never catches up?

measurements are



sori= 3/8th in

must admit I'm not to. keen on the tuba either .


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That the lower part of the nakago is rustier than the upper part, on suriage blades is common and normal. On your nakago the rust on both extermities looks the same and old, and the middle part seems to have a different rust. but nothing serious just interesting enough to note it. I think the rust of the lower part is that of the original nakago, and superior rust comes from humidity passing through the habaki. this indicates a rather old suriage period.



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Typical  Keicho-suriage. therfore the blade is earlier than keicho. If  we  see  the  original sugata ( simply  foll the  line  of the mune  up to the point of suriage ) we will have  an strong saki-sori. Middle to late muromachi.

Can  not see the hamon or the jihada. From  the first  impression i would say  mino, but  I do not see enough  to confirm.


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