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Type 98 for review


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Hey there, 


Posting this sword for a friend who is curious about it. Its being advertised as a nice Gendaito with a ko-choji hamon. Comes with a company grade tassel as well. 

But, unfortunately there is corrosion on the nakago that covers most of the mei. 

Would love to hear your opinions of it and if anyone can make anything of the mei. 


thanks for any feedback! 









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2 hours ago, Bruce Pennington said:

Don't put any weight on my opinion on this, as I'm usually wrong about the smiths, but if that's a Seki stamp at the top, maybe it's this one:





I mean, that could be the one! But I'm even less of a Kanji expert then you Bruce (I'm more like an inexpert lol). 


My friend is curious as to what you guys also the think of the blade regardless of the mei, at least from what you can see, I know the pictures aren't amazing. 

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1 hour ago, Stegel said:

Looks nice to me, are there any other pictures on the listing??

Seeing the full tang would be handy, to see if any stamps are there, then also the asking price would be handy to know, what is it?

here is another descriptor photo the seller has... 


and he is asking about 1600 USD 


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