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Dear All.


Just one more to add to the record.  I have seen one other of this design.  (Sorry about the photographs.) I have often wondered about other fittings produced in Nagoya, the tanto that Chris posted seems to suggest that quite a lot of the fairly clunky fuchi kashira and kozuka that we see around might be from the same source.  From what I have seen there is a variation in quality which is no surprise.






All the best.


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Yes,  I quite like that one, but few of the others posted here.  They are not something that particularly appeal  to me but that is a very personal thing and of no importance to others.

Roger j

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John I appreciate your thread and find it interesting as I bought these two when I started collecting and have seen many variations over the years and have been curious about them.

They are obviously not high grade. 

The katana tsuba(flowers in basket) is heavy and measures at 80mm × 75mm.

The Wakizashi tsuba was quite small but can't measure it as I gave it away. 

Thanks John and all.




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Hi guys here is another tsuba the same as Dale posted earlier mounted on a wakizashi with matching fushi-kas



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