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Good Quality Saya with Antique Kurikata

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Good quality saya for katana with antique kurikata. This saya is modern made, I do not think it is older than 50 years. Very beautiful black lacquer work, there are however some scratches and other signs of wear.

Edo period shakudo nanako kurikata decorated with autumn flowers. On kurikata a three piece gilded shitodome. 


Saya comes with wooden tsunagi but it was not made for it. Therefore it is not a perfect fit. Please take it under consideration when looking at dimensions. Sori of tsunagi is different than internal sori of saya. Habaki was adjusted so it fits perfectly. 


Saya size: 

Length: 73 cm 

Koiguchi: 40 mm x 22 mm 

Sori: 22 mm


Nagasa: 65 cm 

Habaki: 31 mm x 12 mm x 21 mm 

Sori: 22 mm 


Price: 320$

Moro photos here: https://soryu.pl/collections/saya/products/high-quality-saya-for-katana-with-antique-kurikata








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