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Tachibana Family Collection

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While browsing a little i stumbled on the following page with many items shows with description & photography of the Tachibana family collection. Not too many swords (which is why I'll post it here instead of the general subforum), but many other items (ceramics for example), which are pretty cool as well. All in all i think they did a great job with details, descriptions and photo's of everything that is shown.



Cultural properties housed at Tachibana Museum were passed down to the Tachibana family that controlled the Yanagawa clan throughout the Edo period. In 1951(Showa 26), “Historical Museum Ohana” was established to exhibit the Daimyo-utensils at the residence of the lord of the Yanagawa clan, Tachibana-tei. On December 3rd 2014, Tachibana Foundation took over the management from Ohana Corporation that used to be the main body of the management.
The collections are mainly the art and crafts descended from the Tachibana family: they include approximately 5,000 items of furnishings, one piece of national treasure, one piece of important cultural property, and others. These are the valuable assets which have been accumulated and inherited continuously over 400 years since the founder Tachibana Muneshige.
This museum displays a rich variety of items that convey the history of the Tachibana family: from a suit of armor that once belonged to family ancestor and first feudal lord of Yanagawa, Muneshige Tachibana, to gold and silver lacquer dispatch boxes, cosmetic utensils and Noh theater costumes. The museum also houses a collection of elaborate Edo period dolls, which were loved by successive generations of young Tachibana heiresses. Such a collection is rarely seen even in Japan. Exhibits are rotated throughout the different seasons.



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 Thanks for sharing, Axel!


Lots of great pieces in there, but that aka-Raku bowl by Donyu is magnificent. :clap:

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