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Kabuto and Menpo

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Ukebari were most likely expendable in period and were likely replaced multiple times over the helmets lifetime, but that does not change the fact that intact Ukebari are part of the kabuto and should be preserved with it where ever possible.


2 hours ago, Luc T said:

I also have some medieval European helmets.   It is unthinkable that someone make a new liner for these old boys.

it is also unthinkable to destroy an old one as they are very rare.

How many period Ukebari in original condition do you think will be around to study in 100 years if these practices continue? 

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We are losing the focus of this topic
Gary, do you have more news about the kabuto?  Endoscopic examination?

the number of rivets per plate?

the edge of the plates, are they bent over to fit with the koshimaki?

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