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Image posting limits?

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I see a lot of comments about "I can't upload more pics" or "I have reached my attachment limit" etc etc.
I wanted to clarify the limits here, so people know what they can upload and how many.
Firstly, for regular members:

  • Each post has a 5 meg limit. So one image of 5Mb (crazy) or 5 x 1Mb files etc. You can reply and add another post, but each post has a 5 meg limit. You should be resizing images down to less than 200kb anyways, so no need for huge images.
  • Maximum image dimensions are 1800px x 1800px. Larger, and they are automatically downsized.
  • Each member has a TOTAL board limit of 1 Gig. That is cumulative, but I don't think anyone will reach that
  • Each member can post 50 comments, posts etc a day. To prevent flooding
  • You can start 15 private message conversations a day.
  • You can have 150 private messages stored
  • You can give 30 reactions (likes, thanks etc) a day
  • Can edit your own posts for 12 hours.

Then for those that have upgraded to Gold Tier Status through subscription:

  • Each post has a 10 meg limit. So one image of 10Mb (crazy) or 10 x 1meg files or whatever, with a 10 meg limit. You can reply and add another post.
  • Same max image dimension limit
  • Total board limit of 1.5 Gigs storage
  • Limit of 80 posts/comments/messages a day
  • Can start 25 private message conversations a day.
  • Can have 500 private messages stored
  • Can give 30 reactions daily.
  • Can edit posts for 48 hours.

I hope this clarifies the upload limits. Everyone should be able to add enough photos to a post unless they are using huge files sizes and haven't edited them.

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