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Dear Robert.


Your pictures are too small to tell a great deal. The overall design corresponds to what Sugawa calls flat butt guns.  


 Have you dismounted the gun to see if it is signed?


All the best.

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I agree with Piers. There’s a Kunitomo feeling to it when I see shape of the Hibasami (serpentine) and design of the sights. A very simplified version of a Tazuke ryu matchlock.

If not Kunitomo, then surely Sakai 🙂



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Thank you for my thoughts on this teppo. I searched on google and found this on the Royal Armories Collection

(Matchlock carbine (teppo) (1801-1830)
by Kunitomo Kubei. Place: Japan, Omi Province.


How can i disassemble the barrel to see if there is any signature


// Robert

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Thank you all for the information.


I have now received help from NBTHK Scandinavia which helps me totake apart theTeppo. I'll let you know if there is a signature.


Thanks Anders!


// Robert

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Robert, basic no warnings method.

1. remove the ramrod,

2. tap out the mekugi pins from left to right (i.e. L/R when gun pointing away from you)

3. Pull back  the serpentine to full lock position.

4. Tap the barrel away from the stock and lift out and away.

NB If it is rusted in place, gentle encouragement with a rubber hammer will help, but be careful of splitting the stock.


While out, check to see if you can remove the Bisen breech screw.

When taking photos of the Mei, the breech screw should point towards the camera for easier reading!

When replacing, make sure the Bisen is squarely closed, drop the barrel back into place into a cleaned stock (no rust, dust etc.) , bisen first, and it should fit nicely so that the mekugi pins will slide back in.


Alternatively contact Viper or Anthony, both Swedish, both matchlock minded,  and both members here.


PS Why can't we find the manual on this site? It's here somewhere...

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Now I have managed to open my Teppo. It was very hard at first. No one has opened it in many years. I found a signature and hope someone can interpret it for me. I do not know if the pictures are upside down but I hope you see it.

All information about this Teppon is gratefully received

// Robert















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