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Enomoto Sadayoshi - Finally made its way home

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Shared this on FB and forgot to post here before the busy weekend, my apologies, enjoy!


Acquired this katana by Enomoto Sadayoshi(Mukansa) this past spring but has been in Japan until now for fresh shirasaya before having the honor to receive sayagaki by Tanobe. With a 74.2cm nagasa this blade was commissioned in 1986 for iaido master Sekiguchi to his exact specifications and was also a commemoration for ascending to 7th dan. Enomoto Sadayoshi (1908-2000) began his studies under Gassan Sadakatsu becoming one of the most prolific and active smiths of the century later receiving Mukansa. He worked in the styles of Soshu Den, Yamato Den and Gassan Den.


Due to attachment limitations il attach a couple teasers, the rest can be found at the link below: 




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Always a treat to see a great shinsakuto get this kind of treatment. Congratulations!


PS: I think Tanobe sensei liked it. ;-)

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Thanks Michael! Sayagaki translation is in progress :)

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