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New Book Release

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9 hours ago, Bruce Pennington said:

Looks good! Do you know what’s inside it?

Bruce the link describes what’s inside ;)

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Reading it now.  Good history!  From a sword perspective, It's interesting to see, in the few pictures with swords, how many of them are civil swords re-fitted in Navy combat saya.  The same' is white, which I'm assuming was the original of the civil tsuka.  Many of the photos seem to come from 1938, so the Type 97 might not have been "on the streets" yet.  I can see why Fuller was tempted to say that the NLF troops were using Army tsuka on navy saya.  Most shots are taken with the sailors' hands resting on the kabutogane, so it's not possible to tell if civil or Navy; but there is one shot where two tsuka are clearly seen.  One is civil and the other has a military kabutogane, which as far as I can tell, is Navy.





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