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Buyers Beware

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I purchased a Kozuka from Micheal Krone (Suketaka) in January 2020 during a sale he posted here on NMB.  

The kozuka has never been delivered, nor have any of my funds been returned.


Micheal was first contacted about this in February 23, 2020, he replied wait.
On Feb. 24 I received the following:
DHL say: package arrived in your country
USPS say:
Status In-Transit
January 15, 2020 at 3:50 am
Processed Through Facility
Tracking # is:


After 5 weeks I contacted Micheal again and received the following:
Here in Germany i have to open a file at DHL. And these needs again 2 - 3 weeks.
Let´s talk again around 6. March. If nothing happens i open the claim at DHL


Finally, I was finally able to speak with someone at USPS.  So you will know in the future, they informed me that after arriving to the ISC facility (customs) it can remain there for up to 45 business days.  45 business days from Jan, 15th would be approximately March 19th. Nothing to do but wait.

After spending forever on the phone I was finally able to speak with someone at USPS. On March 19, I contacted Micheal again to inform him that all items in that container had been delivered.:
I still have not received my kozuka.  Just got off the phone with USPS International tracking.  Every item in that container has been delivered.

When it say’s arrived in US, that only means the container.  It doesn't show individual items.
I need you to file a claim.  However, as you chose to call it a tie clip and only insured it for $200, you will need to refund the total amount of $342.32.



On March 25, Micheal replied:
sorry about the delay. Corona....
I will open a claim file by DHL in the next days.


After no reply, I again inquired on April 11:
Have you filed the claim for my kozuka yet??
I haven't received any correspondence from you in regards to it.
It has been 15 days since you told me you would take care of this.
You need to let me know something ASAP.


On April 13 Micheal replied:
i send the claim to DHL.
The write it need minumum 3 weeks to get a answer.
So please be patient.
I´ll back soon as possible.


June 5:
I wrote to you a month ago requesting the refund of the payment sent to you in January.
As of now you haven't bothered to reply, nor have you sent any updates regarding the claim.
This lack of communication is very unsettling.
It has been six months I am beginning to feel I am being taken advantage of.
I have filed many claims over time and none have taken this long.
Please do the right thing and take care of this by returning the money I paid you.
Thank you,


June 5:
Ed, please understand beside to mange my company i can not thing all the time what´s going on with you case.
Unfort. the DHL don´t write me too. I have to call them.
This i´ve done 5 min. before.
The DHL woman tells me the file is still in progress.
And she tell me to call again after the 15. June.
This i will do and more i can not do at the moment.
And i can not pay back any amout because the package was insured by DHL. And they are responsible for a payment in this case.


July 22:
Micheal, June 15th has past, any update on the claim?

No reply.


September 12, 2020:
Contacted Micheal again. No reply.

December 28, 2020:
Contacted Micheal again. No reply.


The last reply I received from Micheal was on June 5, 2020.

Today is January 02, 2021


Never have I heard of any insurance claim taking so long and as my last reply from Micheal was June 5, 2020 I can only assume I will never receive my kozuka or a refund of my money from him.


Micheals actions in our transaction have been very unprofessional and untrustworthy.


I feel that my options have been exhausted, my trusting nature damaged. My money has been taken and I have only received excuses. 


Please take note and beware.


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Ed the law speaks clear.


"Und wer haftet, wenn eine versicherte Sendung verloren geht?
Wenn eine versicherte Sendung nicht ankommt und auch mit Hilfe der Sendungsverfolgung nicht auffindbar ist, kann der Absender den Warenwert beim Transportdienstleister wegen des Verlustes als Schaden bis zur Haftungsgrenzne (meist etwa 500,- EUR) geltend machen."


If an insured shipment does not arrive and cannot be found using shipment tracking, the sender can claim the value of the goods from the transport service provider as damage up to the limit of liability (usually around EUR 500) due to the loss.


So the seller is responsible in this case because the refund of the transport service will paid to him. You can't do anything in this case.


Btw: the normal insurance with DHL is 500 EUR. A 200 EUR insurance is not possible.


I didn't know the User Suketaka. I thought he is someone of the Munich Nihonto chapter. Maybe someone knows him. 



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Sorry to hear that Ed.


I don't understand why people act like that, at least he should answer. How hard it's to act correctly? I think he should have reimbursed you and then discussed with the transportation agency to collect the insurance.


Hoping this ends good.





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Someone cheating Ed, the consummate professional? That's incredibly crappy. I hope something happens and you get your money back Ed. You've been nothing but professional and patient in any transaction I've ever seen.

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