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Introduction (Ray Singer & Swords of Japan)

Ray Singer

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Hi everyone,


    I wanted to give a quick introduction as this new dealer page is set up (and appreciation to Brian for creating this new area and all he does to manage this board). Some of you know me from discussions here on the NMB, as well as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I have been collecting and studying Japanese swords now for 32 years. As a collector, I primarily focus on koto blades (with a preference for Soshu and Yamashiro) but all time periods are interesting to me and one of the reasons that I branched out into sales is that I enjoy handling a large number of swords to research, study and learn from. My swords sales are almost exclusively consigned from other collectors (most from our community here), and I am happy to consider new pieces to receive for consignment. I also enjoy assisting with research & translation requests. I am no Markus Sesko, but I do my best. Here are a few links to my pages online. 



Please feel free to reach out any time there is something I can help with, either through NMB messenger or (preferred) by email at raymondsinger@gmail.com.


Best regards,






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I realised even right now from the post of Barry that we have a Dealer Showcase here in NMB - shame about me :laughing:


Ray, I'm very happy to find you and your stuff here in a own section. Many swords in my collection are owned from you and i was never disappointed.

I can fully recommend the service, knowledge and stuff of Ray.

Good luck Ray.

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A quick update on items that I now have for sale. If there is anything that you would like more information on, please reach out to me at raymondsinger@gmail.com.

  • Eikyo Bizen Yukikage katana with flamboyant choji-midare hamon and utsuri - $6,250 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Massive katana by Kozuke no Suke Minamoto Yoshimasa - $8,750 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Omi Daijo Tadahiro wakizashi, Tokubetsu Hozon with an abunome-gonome hamon in the style of shodai Masahiro - $6,750 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Shodai Hizen Tadakuni wakizashi, Tokubetsu Hozon - $5,950 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Hokuso Harukuni wakizashi with kinpunmei - $4,750 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Yokoyama Bizen Nagahiro katana, an elegant sword in suguha with ko-itame hada - $4,950 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Zaimei Shimosaka sasaho-yari which appears to be an utushimono of Tonbogiri - $4,950 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Several excellent wakizashi by the Shitahara smith Hiroshige, Shigenobu and Yasushige - from $3,500 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Monju wakizashi - from $2,500 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Ubu signed and dated wakizashi by Tsuguhide - $2,500 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Muromachi period Sue-Bizen Norimitsu yoroidoshi in hamidashi koshirae - $4,250 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Top-quality gendaito by Tamura Tomeji Akitaka, Ueno Kanemitsu, Ogawa Kanekuni, Hizen Yoshitada, Matsubara Hidemune, Ugo Kuniyoshi, Okimitsu, Kanetoshi, Mikawa Takenori, Baba Tsugukiyo, Miura Kunimitsu and others - from $3,950 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Henmi Yoshitaka katana in shirasaya - $9,250 (plus shipping & PayPal)
  • Ubu zaimei signed Mino Kaneuji (Muromachi) hirazukuri wakizashi - $7,500 (plus shipping & PayPal)
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I recently consigned a sword with Ray and it was a very easy, pleasant transaction. Ray communicated everything, and set the price commensurate to the sword, condition, etc. with the intent of selling it for market. I highly recommend Ray for any swords you may want to sell or buy. Everything was honest and straight forward, no surprises. Thanks Ray!

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