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Canvas Saya Covers


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Wanted to post this late-war 95 with, what appears to be some sort of fabric (not canvas) cover.  These are talked about all over the place, especially in the "Show Us Your High Class Gunto" thread, but I didn't want to post this one there (though for a late-war 95, it's pretty nice!).  So, here's a thread to collect these fairly rare items.


Not part of the sale.  It was found on fleabay HERE.







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Hello,    Picked up some swords the other day here around Camp Lejeune.  These were attic pieces.   I want to thank Bruce P.  the  Daimyo of WW2 blades for taking a look at there and recommending a post on them.   "Hand Salute"  to Bruce.     This may be a Canvas covered battlefield pickup from Tinian or Saipan.    It has a large Seki stamp,  seems to have a water quenched hamon & hand drilled menkuana,   A WW2 set of civilian koshirae rounds out this odd piece.


Best regards,






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Nah,  There is a huge chip to the edge,  might be combat related from the looks of the damage as it was a incredible swing.  It does have a nice hamon from a quick glance a  3 point type.   If  it clips to that NLF belt and trop uniform I'll slap it on there,  it is a good display piece as you don't have to worry about people handling it at a gun show when I set up about once a year.

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Here is a Wakizashi that I own with some type of green cloth cover. When I first received it the tsuka was riveted on with what looked like an aluminum rivet. It was drilled out to expose the signature ( which I could use a translation for ) It appears to be a Shirasaya underneath but it looks like the tsuka part was altered to make it smaller and more rounded. The material almost exactly matches the material on  my Japanese tanker helmet. What are your thoughts?

  Thank you. MikeR25972486-6BD9-4D21-A43A-313E8A763FCD.thumb.jpeg.872139147e8d520d7b2652a42834e03c.jpeg2DFFEFF5-EA5E-48DD-85FA-AEBE3B7EAC98.thumb.jpeg.00c34d29c1d0e9e61aecd79d510ae78f.jpeg60BEADDC-836B-49AD-891B-D4F075583ECD.thumb.jpeg.08072392d21c45b2e176c09df814ceee.jpegAAB6A2FD-B91A-4C1D-920F-1A2412DB0986.thumb.jpeg.2c3d09c0d9600300c1cbdadb1b342ee8.jpeg

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Found one on Reddit.  By the looks of the fuchi and seppa, seems to be on a late-war gunto.  HERE.

Screenshot 2021-09-25 221807.jpg

Screenshot 2021-09-25 221903.jpg


They quite often are found in wooden saya, painted black and covered in leather. In the last year of the war, an edict went out to drastically reduce the use of animal skins (leather, shark, ray, etc) and move to cheaper, easier accessed materials. I believe that is what we are seeing with this one.

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