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I am less than 1 year in with using them, but I am finding them to be the worst Japanese based company I have ever dealt with.

The issues are mostly with shipping, but they are some serious ones. Perhaps they were better pre-Covid, before shipping got so mucked up.


Is the company Japanese, or a Japanese shell?

---The person I am dealing with in Customer Service is using an Anglicized Chinese name.

Shipping and some of the finances seem to be routing to Hong Kong. Maybe it is a quirk of the times.

They also seem to be sharing an office at:     Unit 417, 4th Floor, Lippo Centre, Tower Two, No. 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

with a Chinese Solar Company:  http://www.skysolarholdings.com/ContactUs.html


 It could just be an e-office type thing, but I'm surprised how bad my experience has been with them.

To me, they seem 'off' somehow. A phrase is "East Gate, North Gate" meaning a disconnect in understanding.

Whatever it is, they aren't working for me.


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I have been buying gear [mostly tsuba] for about seven years from Jauce. The packaging is so good you could literally drop it from a plane! The shipping at the moment is expensive DHL, was not so bad when EMS was open. The Jauce format is very different to eBay, you need to deposit your funds first before an auction, I find this an advantage as you can't spend what you don't have! They do drop in some strange fees though - deposit fee, banking fee, winning fee and you are charged the local postage cost getting to the Jauce warehouse [ even though I suspect the seller pays for that up front] I hope that doesn't put you off because the bargains you can get really out weigh the little fee nibbles. I have bought some items through auction for as low as 1 yen [with no other bidders] and a lot of identical material on eBay were four or five times the price - and you still pay shipping. The same items are often also listed on Yahoo Japan  https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/

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