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Artwork to display with swords/collections

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Been on the hunt for some artwork to go along with sword displays.  The go to seems logically Japanese woodblock prints and I'm still waiting to find the right one.  Other tempting options for me are original akira kurosawa movie film posters.  Then there are possibly some on theme original paintings, antique photos perhaps calligraphy.  So far I've only purchased two pieces which are original manga art from the 80's with samurai (posted below).  They won't be everyone's style but I also collect original comic art so it bridges the two.  


Wondering what others have and do with any artwork/images to go along with their sword/armor/fittings etc...collections.








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In my sanctum sanctorum are all things Japanese. They all relate in some way to the indigenous craft found in Japan. Art, metal work, textiles, kodo and chado , weapons armour etc. It does tend to spill beyond its confines. Having art that combines the interest of nihonto with graphic art seems apt. John

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Ended up buying that red German seven samurai poster (from 1976) and last thing is a woodblock print that calls to me.  I do also have an oshigata of one of my swords I could use.  Its funny though as I'm going to be buying a house soon and all of this is in preparation for some future space that doesnt exist yet.  But soon.......sooooooon............completed an armor stand for my yoroi, menpo and kabuto and purchased a second foldable sword stand (im a big fan of these) im going to modify to hold more blades to fit the entire collection.  So should have a nice little corner when done.



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