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Please, help to identify smith, period and school


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I started this thread here (see below), believing it was maybe not Morimitsu but koto bizen.  Now finally, I have got the blade back from the Togishi.







When I figure out how to make smaller pictures with high quality I will add more photos to the same post. Otherwise photos are coming in different posts.


Togishi´s thoughts are that this may be a kyoto sword in bizen style. Hamachi and Munemachi has been later added as well as Bohi and Sohi. It is a soft forged sword with smooth jigane (koitame). 

I find the hada to be Osaka Tetsu. We are both thinking in the lines of Yamashiro. Possible Muromachi or more likely Edo/Shinto period.  What do you think. Tried to take photos this morning but let me know what you want to see more of and I will try to comply with better pictures.







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8 hours ago, BjornLundin said:

Hi Steve, thank you for respons.


Machi has most probably been moved forward. Interestingly that you think suriage. Any tells that it has been shortened? I include picture of the nakago. Date and Signature is most probl. Gimei.



The shape of the nakagojiri, and the overall symmetry and placement of the nakagoana make me think that it was suriage at some point....would dimensions then fall in line with typical ones for katateuchi?

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If you have Windows 10 operating system it comes bundled with a PAINT program that offers cropping and resizing, all you have to do is figure out how to "drive" it.  A program I have used for many years (costs money) is ACDSee.  I'm sure other folks will have more recommendations.  Somewhere on the Board I'm sure are recommendations.  The SEARCH function is very good - top rhs of window.



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