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Hello everyone! I recently found this forum and instantly knew I had to join. I currently do not own a nihinto although I plan to change that soon. I do own a quality Chinese reproduction, however once I got that I knew I had to have the real thing. I’m probably a bit younger than many on this forum being 19, however I’m looking forward to learning from everyone’s amazing wealth of knowledge. Can’t wait to participate more! Thanks and have a good day everyone.


- Ethan Y.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Nicholas and I am from Melbourne.  I have recently started my nihonto education and have been studying and trying to learn non-stop in the past month.

I have bought several books, such as The Connoisseur's book of Japanese Swords by Kokan Nagayama, The Japanese Sword by Kato, Modern Japanese Swords and Swordsmiths, by Kapp and Yoshihara; and The New Generation of Japanese Swordsmiths, by Tsuchiko and Mishina.


I am most interested in Shinsakuto, the more modern and contemporary blades.  Although, I do not own any nihonto yet,  I plan on starting my collection soon.  I am currently most in love with Ono Yoshimitsu and Yoshihara Yoshindo's work.  


Excited to meet you all and share our appreciation of some nihonto!

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G'day Nicholas,

Welcome to Nmb. Glad to see another Ausie on board, especially from Vic. You have good taste imo they are both very well respected smiths and I would love to own a blade from them some day too. Another great book to start with is facts and fundamentals of the Japanese sword.

With Bazza on your side its hard to go wrong he is a great man with a mind blowing amount of knowledge about Nihonto.



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My name is Emmanuel, I live in Orange in the Vaucluse in France.

I collect oriental weapons for thirty years, India, Persia, Caucasus, Turkey ...

I always avoided Japan, too technical and not enough knowledge, while being fascinated by the Nihonto.

I decided to start exploring your world.

Thank you.

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Hi all! I', Carlos, from Spain, and I just joined this forum as I'm looking to buy some nihonto and I need as much information as possible so I can make my own opinions on wazikashi and katana.


I already have two options which I'll ask for your opinion and preference in a diferent post.


Thank you very much for your future help!



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Welcome, Carlos! Have you bought & studied some books before you start looking for blades?


Hello, I have been in Japan looking for some blades but I have never studied them. I'm studying them now. I'm an antiques collector, not just swords.


Which books would you recomend?

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Hello all,


Just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a long time martial artist with backgrounds in Taekwondo, Gumdo, Kendo, and Kenjitsu. So swords have been a mainstay of my interests for a long time.


That being said, my knowledge base falls far shorter than I'd like, and I figured this would be a good place to work on that.


I'm also an avid history enthusiast, especially militaria, and Shin Gunto history has peaked my interest as of late.


Looking forward to spending time here with you guys!


Zac K

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Is it too late to introduce myself?   My name is Austus; and I caught Sword Fever about 6 years ago. Apparently, there is no cure. 

I'm 66, my Degree was in Finance, and my other passions include Martial Arts, Indian Artifacts, sculpture/carving, and the female form.

After 27 years as an active martial artist (my Black Belt is in Kajukenbo), my original interest in swords was the weapons aspects. Then their construction and history.  But now I want to go deeper, and there's so much to learn about Japanese swords!

This wonderful site has everything a sword lover could hope for, all in one place. Sure wish I'd found it sooner. 

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