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Index Tokubetsu Juyo Nado Zufu in English

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I tried to buy Index Tokubetsu Juyo Nado Zufu in English.

I have approached several long-term collectors, but it is clear that there is probably nothing like that.
I think such an index would be useful for many Nihonto enthusiasts
So - are we able to get enough applicants to make the economic cost acceptable? (It is too expensive for an individual)
My idea:
Create a file in xls format (for filtering, sorting) with data available from TJ Nado Zufu

- TJ Nado Zufu's number and the position of the blade in it
- the name of the swordsmith

- School
- Den or not
- Mei: mumei / zaimei / shumei / orikashimei
- period or date if indicated
- nagasa
- sori
- motohaba
- sakihaba
- kasane
- kissaki


If there are at least 20-30 of us, the fee per person should not exceed a few hundred USD
Also, if there is a member among us who is willing to make a database for a fee - I would greatly appreciate it


It's just an idea.

I am enclosing the Meito Zukan Index, which I made for myself for better orientation in the publication


Anyone who is interested, send me info to branislav.kalabus@gmail.com for better archiving of applicants


Meito Zukan by Fujishiro.xlsx

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While not totally what you are looking for, I've been building a basic Jūyō Index for few years now. I will give it to NMB for free when I am finished with it (should be in 2021 [if I find the missing session], as I am missing only 2 sessions and I have magazines in mail from Japan that include results for one). I have pretty much 1-31 ready as I have books for them. I should have pretty much all swords done except for the 2 missing sessions. I still have lot work left on tosogu & koshirae (and attachments too) items from sessions 33-57 (haven't really focused on those as I have my other database project which I see far superior to this one). And as I'm still missing some items I haven't been in hurry.


I've kept this totally under radar as it's just a hobby project for me. But lot of effort put in this one, so far 616 pages and a lot of items. Still currently looking Tōken Bijutsu magazines from 1985 and 1986 (Session 32 results in there) and I am looking for Jūyō book 32 as that is next in line for me and only session still missing.


Here is a preview page: It is pretty basic but I like my idea 😄



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Great job Jussi. Juyo Nado Zufu must contain an estimated 13-15 thousand items.

I didn't even think about this database, because of its large size. And you did it all by yourself. Admirable

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Quite a useful index! If Jussi willing I am sure quite a few people would pitch in with donation to express their gratitude for the work,


Kirill R.

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Many years ago the late John Yumoto started to translate Zufu issues beginning with No. 1. He managed to get through maybe six years worth of Zufu and then he stopped. I have those translations and Zufu issues but loaned them out thinking it would be a nice on-going source of material for the JSS/US. Never happened and do need to get those translations back for safe keeping. When newsletter editor, I received a letter from Dr. Homma giving permission to use the material for the JSS. To ever translate all Zufu years would seem a daunting task, although much of the text/description follows a common format. I've had my Juyo swords translated by Marcus. 


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It was not my intention to translate the kanteisho of each blade.

Rather, create an English index with the dimensions and data given in the Shinsa document
A full translation would be really great - but it's from the realm of dreams

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