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WTS Wakizashi, Sendai Kunikane


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Up for sale is a Wakizashi attributed to Sendai Kunikane with Koshirae and NBTHK Hozon.  Beautiful blade with stunning Masame hada and Suguha hamon.  NBTHK doesn't say which generation Kunikane, but the quality of the forging hints at one of the earlier generations.  Nagasa is 48.8cm, 6X31mm at the machi, 4X21mm at the yokote.  Unaltered and in very good polish.  Comes with a nice kosherae and shirasaya to complete the package.


Shipping to the US only.  SOLD



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Interesting sword, Wayne. Thanks for sharing. Swords exactly like this should make up at least half of a Sendai Shinto collection - at least they form about HALF of my collection: nicely mounted. very well-made masame, unsigned short swords. There seems to have been a very serious market for these swords - which I assume means that they were what Sendai Samurai wore when they were out and around. It also means that smiths in Sendai worked very routinely and with good discipline. These were guys who did NOT wish to stand out. They were NOT showy. They knew their role and they gave a good product - thank you!

As I said, I have a couple of these and I love them, but they also raise some questions in  my (collector's) mind.

1. Who made them? There were 13 (or 14) generations in the KK line and they all had apprentices so assigning them to the "School" is as far as the "experts" will go.

2. Why are they unsigned? This is a good question. Maybe guys in Sendai just sort of figured...isn't it obvious who made this...

3. Why are unsigned wakizashis common? Maybe lots were made that way - BUT I also have to suspect that unsigned  katanas were liable to having had a GIMEI signature added to them. Tut-tut

All this to say, THANK YOU WAYNE.


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