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Dear all,


I am looking for a nice shin-shinto fukuro yari (an older one will also be OK with me). It must be at least signed but dated examples are also very welcome. I am not especially looking for a complete one with its pole and its original sheath. A fukuro yari by itself or in shira saya will fine with me. Full polish is prefered but decent condition will also be fine but I need to avoid major kizu.

Please PM me if you have this scarce gem for sale.


Thank you for looking.

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Dear John,


You are right, I forgot to specify a length.

Any nagasa will do. Usually shin-shinto ones are short, around 10 - 12 - 15 cm. I understand that longer ones are scarcer and may be older.

A good and representative example will be fine.


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Hi Gilles,

For some reason the messager is taking a while to fire up at the moment. I have one but it's a little shorter than that at 8.4 cm (approx.). It's signed Nobukuni - I understand that there was a line of smiths in Chikuzen in the shinto period who were makers of fukuro yari and it may be one of these. The blade is in good condition with no kizu but it's in a "clean" polish which makes the hamon and hada hard to appreciate. It's mounted with a gold lacquer and horsehair saya but unfortunately the pole was cut by a previous owner.


I've tried to upload a couple of photos but the files are too big - if you think it might be of interest please PM me an email address when the messager is working and I'll send over some photographs.




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