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Seppa Assortment

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Over the years I had a collection of "odd" Seppa in my "Gubbins" box and whenever I needed one I would rummage through the "Gubbins" box.

Going through it the other day looking for a Seppa to fit a large tanto I was disappointed to find that over the years they have "all gone" !

Does anybody out there have a handful of old "odd" Seppa that I can buy ?




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I posted a few months ago, asking the same question. I got nothing. I ended up finding some on eBay, in Japan. It only took 3 weeks to get to the USA.

I found this guy in the US selling some. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Japanese-Edo-Period-Sword-Seppa-Group-of-9/193747852749?hash=item2d1c459dcd:g:xhcAAOSwuxJfrb7q



And some from Japan: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Seppa-Japan-Samurai-Sword-Katana-Koshirae-n044F/203173516563?hash=item2f4e15d513:g:RrYAAOSw4dNfqMzD


Good luck re-establishing your Gubbins box!

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Hello Gwyn,

I always have a selection of seppa available at fair prices, and I am based in the UK which saves a fortune on customs and PO/Parcel force handling charges as I have found out many times (more expensive than items them self).

you can contact me at - japanesewarriors@outlook.com

I do my best to keep prices down for NMB members.



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