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Wakizashi Mei Translation Help!

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Dear collegues,


I adquired an old (It was sold to me without autenticity certification, but they ensure me that was a real nihonto) wakizashi few days ago, but I am facing some problems in translating the Mei... I have only identified that the first two kanjis refer as "Takada", but I am unable to translate the rest... Here is the photo. Thank you very much in advance, any suggestion will be very helpful!!20201111_190735.thumb.jpg.dbbb138f1b6505a2048750a4eb2b2a3b.jpg



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So awesome that it still has the kogatana... Looks like the real deal to me, although the mei looks a little different compared to the style i'm used to.  I'm sure it's a combination of the signer's handwriting and my inexperience.  Wonderful looking piece you have there.

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