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Opinions? New acquisition


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I posted this a couple weeks ago, the sword has now arrived and i've taken some photos, they're not the best but i hope they get the point across (ha, me do big funny).


Nagasa is 25 inches.


It was sold as late edo but part of me thinks it's gendaito. The tsuka's far longer than the nakago so it's not original to the blade. There's an additional mekugi ana on the tsuka, right next to the fuchi that serves no purpose as the nakago doesn't reach that far down. 


It's seen much use and has many scratches etc. the kissaki looks like it's seen some abuse and maybe even sandpaper at some point.


Anyway, i'll let you all be the judges, thanks.


More photos of the blade + fittings here: https://imgur.com/a/FE7ddAN



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As Christian says, probably early Edo, it’s probably had a suriage which is out of keeping with a gendaito - no reason to shorten a modern sword. If you imagine some added to the blade you might end up with a Kanbun sugata and the tang patina is definitely in that ballpark colour-wise.Nothing like the clean steel on a modern blade. 

I’d  suggest measuring the space between the mekugi ana will give an indication of the original nagasa. . 


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