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Brass Scabbard NCO Copper Handle


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That is the most completely colored one I've seen before.  I seem to have missed that discussion in F & G!  I tried to find our earlier discussion about the gold coloring of the copper-handled sayas, with no luck. 


I wonder if this is different than the faint gold that seems to be on many of the copper-handled 95 saya?  Here's mine.


Also, this re-opens my questions, years ago, about gold-painted saya.  I know you said this is gilding, not paint, but maybe some of the others that are painted are simply trying to emulate this style finish?



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Very nice Copper handled type 95 you got there Neil!

In the early stages of production, and a carry over issue from the type 32's, was the problem of corrosion with scabbards.

Some very few had a grey primer below the top coat, while others had what appears to be a 'gold wash' applied.

The application has the appearance of being an electroplating style and not sprayed on type. This has been mentioned in F&G and has been found only on the very first patterns.

I have a similar 'gold/brass' one in the 4000 range. These are very desirable in my opinion.

I have actually seen this sword in hand some years back,( before you snapped it up!) and it has good provenance and a real beautiful patina on the copper handle..... very nice!!


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