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Hozon Jumyo Shinto Katana with Beautiful Handachi Koshirae

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Little sad to move this on but for sale is a fine long Ubu Mumei Katana with Bo-Hi with NBTHK Hozon attribution to the Jumyo school. A very elegant blade with plenty of activity in the Hamon, the polish is excellent as well. It comes with a beautiful Edo period Handachi Koshirae with Wakasa Lacquer Saya, not quite sure what the fittings are made of, maybe Shakudo but it reminds me more of a rich gun bluing. Regardless the photos tell the story and this sword has entertained me for years but time to move it to another good home.


Original listing: https://nihontoart.com/shop/shinto-katana-in-handachi-koshirae/


EDIT: Shugyosha was kind enough to inform me the Hozon attribution is in reality to Jumyo, not Bungo Takada.


Nagasa 70.6cm/28 Inches

Sori: 1.9cm

Price $4500usd + shipping (reasonable offers welcome)






Some information on Wakasa lacquer:




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Yes, it is very beautiful and seems abnormally time consuming. I've kept my eye out for other old Saya with this but haven't seen too many. The regular Wakasa lacquerware is quite expensive. 



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