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silver kiseru with very high quality kozuka panels

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Here is an example of what craftsmen did to make a living after swords were banned. This is a fine example of a Japanese teapot. The teapot is hand hammered copper with beautiful dark red patina. It is decorated with shakudo, gold and silver with silver eggplants on vines with deep dark hand engraved shakudo leaves. Gold flower buds with a gold inlaid shakudo butterfly. The top is decorated with shakudo vines and a gold flower. The interior of the teapot is lined with silver. The piece is signed Yasuchika (1670 - 1744) who was very important craftsman in Japanese metal working history. However, this teapot was produced in the Meiji-era when craftsmen had to find a market for their skills other than sword furniture. The Yasuchika family continued metalworking for 6 generations.


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On 10/18/2020 at 7:28 AM, Babu said:

I understand things went full circle and the early lacquer artists who went into tosogu went back to lacquring and also pipes and tobacco pouches.etc

Artists I've known to have done this are Masachika of the Bushu school and ever Tsuchiya yasuchika.


Absolutely beautiful pour kettle or pot.

Unfortunately, not Tsuchiya Yasuchika- as mentioned earlier in this thread.


Yet pretty great work. Total pleasure to look at it.



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