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Shin Gunto with Ancestral Blade.


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I am pruning my gunto collection to make room and funds available for future acquisitions. So I will be putting a few up for sale. Please note that I  am selling a gunto package, blade in koshirae. The condition is as I acquired them years ago, with the description that came with the sword. These are historical pieces, and may show the patina of age, and even a war time polish. 

Additional questions and photos of anything specific can of course be provided. 

It is a type 98, matching numbered fittings, with sarute. In a leather combat cover. 

The blade is an ancestral family blade mounted and taken to war. 

It is described as late Nambokucho, early Muromachi, made 1360 to 1400. I was told it was probably shortened the first time during the Sengoku era. The blade has bo-hi both sides and is 65 cms long.

This sword would look good in any collection. SOLD. 






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I wonder if the military polished these when they re-fitted them for the war.  It's hard to believe a 640 year old blade would still look that good!


It would make a nice compliment to my Muromachi period blade in kai-gunto mounts.  Christmas is coming, who knows what could happen!


Good luck Neil, this beauty deserves a good home.

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Thanks for your kind comments fellas. I am a novice at selling swords and making attractive marketing posts. The blade alone is fantastic, but as a gunto collector, my desire is to keep these historical pieces together and preserved. 

I can only imagine the heart break of a family giving their son a family blade to take to war, and the sword not coming back, or worse. 

I should also mention that I am flexible on price, particularly if it goes to a good home.  


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Can you please provide sugata side A&B and tell me you estimate in date.

When the nakago was grinded mechanically the heat generated has left a sort of rainbow effect around the habaki.

Can you zoom in to the areas grinded so that I can see how this might have affected the nakago?

Thank you Adam

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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