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Newbie to armors


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Hey guys, in the (not so ) foreseeable future, I plan on buying an armor.


I don’t know much about the subject and I don’t know if I can afford one. I’ve seen great looking replica in my price range but just out of curiosity, what is the average price for a good looking, not too shabby, real armor (Edo or Meiji)?


Thanks for you help,



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Try and get an armor box with it, which will be useful to place/seat your armor on. If you aim for a so-called 'complete' set you'll be very lucky to find anything, and even if you do, it won't be cheap. As Anthony says above, go for a simple dou and kabuto at first. Even that will look good. You can build from there to something that looks gradually more impressive. If people ask you what you want for birthdays etc., you will know what you want next. 


A Sangu set please! 

A Nodowa!

I would really like a set of Sune-ate!

Oh, a Menpo might be nice....

I need a Maedate.


PS You'll need a stand too. There are various options. The cheapest will be to make it yourself.

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I’m with Anthony and Piers, at large!

Kino offers currently an quite nice armor (restored) for ¥450.000,-. From time to time you can find something authentic (and even handsome one) in this price range.
Adding an Nodowa and all the little pretty things, however, could quickly become more expensive ;-)

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Thank you for the link, Thomas!


that thread had surprising repercussions. Buying an armor was on my radar in the future, but my lack of knowledge and the price of transport plus customs (especially those last two!) were things that made me hésite! And Lo! One European member is making me an offer for a complete one, in relatively good shape, at what I think is a good price and shipping included! Awesome, isn’t it? :)

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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