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Translation help on Wall Gun


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Sounds like a very nice gun. Got you re the weight. An Ōzutsu or large gun. Can you measure the inner muzzle bore diameter in cm, pretty please? Maybe 2.3 cm or more? How long is the barrel in cm?


The individual smith name 充俊 maybe reads Mitsutoshi, so “Gō-Shū Kunitomo Tōbei Mitsutoshi” 

(One character is different, but they sometimes kept the sound and changed a character. Mitsutoshi may be the son 光俊 of the famous Ikkan-Sai.)

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Thanks Chris. In the context of Japan that would be a Hazama-zutsu for castle walls and loopholes.


Matthew at 1.9 cm diameter your gun is a 10 Mon-mé Shizutsu 士筒 or Samurai gun, much bigger and more powerful than a regular foot soldier’s gun, and rarer in the scheme of things. I have one, also very heavy.


Oh, and the maker of the stock will be Naomichi 直道. (Just found his name among the Kunitomo stock craftsmen.)

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A bit dark, but very nice! 😄 And that is a “Maru ni Suhama” Mon.


Just saw your question and the answer must be yes, an order for five. 
(It’s the middle of the night here and my brain is not yet able to figure out what is written below the date. Anyone else want to have a shot?)

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