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Iron Tsuba Signed "Seijuken Hamano Haruyoshi"


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I just got interesting tsuba from conservation (few pictures now and before). 


It is signed "Seijuken Hamano Haruyoshi" and it is made of iron. I found almost identcal one made of shakudo sold at Sothebys. 


They are almost identical in design. Tree on the front side in right upper corner has the same coposition of gold and copper inlay. 

Based on that I assume that maker of the iron one had the one from Sothebys in hand.


As far as I can say inlay is made of solid gold. So this was not meant to be cheap replica. 


Just found and iron one in Choshuya: 

https://www.choshuya.co.jp/senrigan/李白観瀑図鐔 銘 -生壽軒濱野春好(花押)/鍔/春好(花押)?lang=en


I wonder what are your thoughts abut it. 








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Get a piano key or some other piece of ivory and start rubbing on the active rust on the iron.  After each pass, you can wipe off the powdered rust or gently use a soft toothbrush and a little mild dishwashing soap.  Be very careful not to disturb the inlay.  

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I think the kinko tsuba very different although the theme is similar yours does not have the bird of prey so any assumption that he had it in hand is just that. 

The tetsu link to another is very much closer and bearing in mind designs were often copied I think it similar. 

However values are always based on condition and yours needs some very real preservation Krys. 

I do like it a lot though. 

I hope the active rust has not left a depression although I feel it probably has. 

Let me know when you sell it 😉


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