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Naginata Naoshi project sword

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I have for sale the above sword which is a project.

It's hada is really clear and pronounced but I cannot see any signs of a hamon in it's current condition.

It's in a shirasaya but the tsuka is not correct for the saya.

I'll add images and details later.

This is a project sword with no habaki or fittings but it's really fine interesting and sharp 

Looking for £650 or best offer.

All sales on project swords are final.

I cannot see any areas of blisters,ware or hagire it looks a blade of potential.

It is what it is.

nakago ubu
nagasa 38.7 cm
sori 2.0 cm
motohaba 3.0 cm
sakihaba 2.5 cm
kissaki 8 cm
High shinogi.
nakago nagasa 11 cm
nakago sori 0.1 cm
Yasureme slant gently down to right.
Thickness at Mune 3mm
Nakago thickness 3mm.





Ubu nakago unsigned.

Regards Adam









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To point out....you cannot say naginata naoshi and then say mumei ubu nakago.
For the record, cannot see anything that suggests this was a naginata or a nagamaki. Just an ubu wakizashi.

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It is a wakizashi in the style of a naginata Naoshi I'm told.

Price dropped to £450.

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Last drop in price to £250.

Will consider trades. 

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