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Amazing 1395 Tachi for sale in France


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This a superb tachi , blade by Hidesuke , 21st september. Gift from Japanese emperor according to the description.


I know I will not bid on this one so I prefere that a member of this forum get it and show us this beauty.


Good Luck : , https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/grenoble-belle-vente-classique-277024/lot-24923002.html

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Nice koshirae,

IMHO that's no way to sell a sword all the emphasis is on the mounts. 

I cannot see any close ups of the blade, hamon, jihada the Nakago, the mei. 

These are all important considerations. 

If I'm wrong, so be it, but from those images that hamon runs off the kissaki so a little reassuring would be in order with better pictures of the kissaki. 


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On 9/15/2020 at 9:37 AM, Brano said:

A few days ago, I sent a request for detailed information and detailed photos via the "Demande de renseignements" link - English/ French.

To date, no response from the seller

A few photos from Wetransfer





Does anyone else see flea bites in the edge of the blade?

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I also think the blade is in a very good condition.


Rob, sorry but I cannot opine on the koshirae here and how old it is. 

Kirill, in a separate post about your kazari tachi, was opining on the size and colour of the gold flecks. Not sure to what extent those statements are borne out by fact and study. However, I have heard elsewhere, too, that the gold used more recently is indeed brighter and yellower as opposed to more tinted in the past. However, one need not forget that the lacquer layers on top also affect the colour. 

it could be that the koshirae was made to order for the imperial gift and is this only 100 years old or it could be it is 250 years old. Indeed one would need to examine properly the nanako, the gilding, the gold flakes etc etc. 

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This is typical from french auction houses, very bad response, and focusing on the wrong things, but the main issue is they don't commission specific photographers, I offered my services to 2 local auction houses, never got a reply...
This can be very good as a buyer,
Very bad as a seller, selling tsuba and asian stuff in a big auction house "aguttes", also natural pearl necklaces, I lost money, bad pictures, very late picture shown before the sale, their asian art expert didn't know anything about Japanese art, told me "I m good about chinese not Japanese", so I show him chinese stuff, a ming era "blanc de chine" and a quianlong zitan tray, he was as bad as Japanese stuff, I lost money on my sales....about the pearls, the comissioner is supposed to be "expert" but she didn't wnt to take any responsability, so I lost money...
But as a buyer it can be very good, I made some good bargains, ivory christs, natural pearl necklaces, some asian stuff too, can be very interesting, but YOU have to be the expert and play by your rules for reselling.

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Do you guys have any concern about this possibly being saiba?  I say this because of of what appears to my eyes to be drying fire scale /tone on the nakago and the already mentioned highly unusual hamon appearance for this school.  Additionally the habuchi for me just has that “thin” appearance that I associate with retemper.  Admittedly I am looking at these pics on my phone, maybe looks different on larger screen, it would be nice to see the hamachi and boshi better.



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Hello, they sent me documents in French


►First one is just about the signature





This sword was made by the armorer BIZEN OSAFUNE in the year 2 of the Oei era. (538 years ago, i.e. 1394 CE)
A renowned performer in the city sabers himself as an artistic masterpiece and practical value

OSAFUNE is a city name[...]
Saber having nearly 540 years is of great value by its original form preserved intact.
The gold ornament was made around the Genroku era (250 years ago)



►Last one :  born Marie Josephe  .... MEYER born 25th of January of 1908 in Duisans 

                     Widow of  Mr René Henri Robinet born 16th  of February of 1905 in Toul                   

                  Sword acquired from the 5th of General Claudel (gift of the Emperor of Japan at the beginning of the century to General Claudel.) 

                  [adress of mr Robinet]







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Well, I would have hoped for a more tangible proof of provenance, like a certificate of investiture by the imperial office or an invoice for the sale with a clear link to the family.....

.....but a nice package nevertheless. Somewhat fully priced on the sword side, but the koshirae is a nice sweetener and has value in its own right if properly papered and documented as Edo period. 

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