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Munetoshi 1942 advice please

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This sword came back from PNG at some time during the war.

Acquisition history in png is not known.


How to clean, stabilise, restore?


blade has sticky grease.

fittings showing corrosion.

lacquered silk on handle crazed.


dimensions 93 cm x 3.2cm


many thanks in advance 






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You need to show all of the Nakago with the tsuba and habaki etc removed. Shots of both sides in focus as best you can( I know its not easy) 


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Unless you know how to neutralise the solvent cleaner or degreaser I suggest you just avoid this recommendation.

Most degreasers that break down organic matter like oil and grease are highly alkaline or highly acidic and will continue to attack the surfaces of steel in a galvanic reaction long after you have thought you cleaned it off.

Neutralisation is the only way here.

You could go back to your sword a month later and find little pinprick corrosion that has eaten deep into the steel.

Using goop off or any similar productsi isn't likely to cause too much concern if you intend to get it polished within a few days, but then why clean at all if that's the case.

Good old detergent and a bit if elbow grease is far better and safer.

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Ofc you can restore it yourself but it will take many years of hard training and will you make spend more money then the blade is worth.

How to restore is not a question that could be answered in an online forum thread.

How to clean and stabilize  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tVnI8-Ml_Y.

There are different opinions on the use of uchiko...


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Daved it goes with out saying after a degreaser one would clean any residue.

The curators at both gold star Museum and a local Historical Society we had no problem with using goof or oops.

When using water use it as hot as you can stand. This will help with the drying.. Once dried oil well then wipe with just a light film of oil


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