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At first glance suspect bohi?

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Hi Everyone,


Having neglected my browsing in the last few months, I checked out aoi art this afternoon and saw the following item.




Now this piece raised some questions for me mainly because of the bohi on both sides.




Now I'm not saying it is for sure a shady horimono job and I acknowledge there there might be a creation of a smith which he feels is top heavy and add these kind of bohi on the upper portion, but it seems to me (as this isn't the kind of carving you see often (this is true for me at least)), this is exactly what someone of lesser morals would opt to if there was a single part that seemed to have a flaw.


What are your thoughts?

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I don't see any real problems with it.

Yari hi were intended to be more decorative that weight reducing.

It's a thrust weapon so the more weight the better.

I've yari with bo bi but it's not deep or meaningful it's more a matter of period taste.

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