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Iwo Jima Shin Gunto? (help with sword smith)


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Ok Folks -  Just to be clear -  I am not buying this sword, so I don't have to buy the story!   :)  but  I am helping out a friend and I have reach the limit of my abilities so I came to team of collective experts!  


Here is the background:  I have a friend who is a collector/picker in the region where I live.  He collects mostly military firearms, but stumbled across a person who sold him this shin gunto, stating he bought it from a vet who fought on Iwo Jima and recovered it from a cave.   My friend asked me if I could tell him more about this sword, and I said we need to look at the nakago.   Upfront - the word is not in the best of shape.  The blade has not been properly cared for, nor stored correctly.  The saya is in rough shape is missing much of its leather cover.   


When we examine the nakago, it was heavily coated with some bad rust and dirt.  I carefully wiped down the nakago a few times with an oiled rag, just to remove particles and dirt.   I can make out two characters to comprise of the signature, but I don't recognize the signature so I am starting here in the military side of the forum to see if we can solve it here (who the smith is).   I looked over the nakago carefully we a magnifier and I see no evidence of any stamps.    The other side has no markings, it is just the two characters.   I assume this is a showa era sword, but appreciate any and all insights that I can provide to my friend on this blade.    I apologize if it is hard to read the characters - best I could do given the condition of the blade.  


Thank you!   Dan 









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Nice to see it still has the leather locking strap with snap! Those almost never survive and are lost.


Can't tell much about the blade from the picture, but likely non-traditionally made showato. Could be wrong though. If you have it in hand, you might be able to make that call better. Blade doesn't seem too bad off.

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