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Hi Everyone,


Hope this finds the membership healthy and doing well during these crazy times.  As some of you know, I have recently launched a new website www.tosoguya.com, which is now listed in Commercial 2 tab in the Links page of NMB.  This new website replaces my old Yamabushi Antiques site.  It will take time to make it's way up through Google search, so I wanted to post an update here.   Please take the time to check it out, and follow the site as it evolves.  Thanks all!


PS - if anyone spots errors, issues or has suggestions, kindly let me know.  The bugs are still being worked out...


Best Regards,


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Excellent site.  Highly recommended.  Boris is great to work with, and he often has outstanding pieces.  He tends to specialize in early tosogu (pre-Momoyama).  Definitely worth a bookmark. :thumbsup:

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nice so to see you´re still here!  ( least back...)


i do confess, i meanwhile rarely do look- but here :) ! i will do!


very nice to see and read about you! especially in such special times..... :thumbsup:


do keep on going well!



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