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Kogatana translation

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So, can we say this might be one that is a genuine signature???  Can any hamon be seen on the other side Manuel??



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seems to be a popular Kogatana maker (but not sure if Shoshin) :glee:

From my collection...



From Markus book:

SUKETAKA (助隆), Kansei (寛政, 1789-1801), Settsu – “Ozaki Gengo´emon Suketaka” (尾崎源五右衛門助隆), “Ozaki Gengo´emon no Jō Suketaka” (尾崎源五右衛門尉助隆), “Ozaki Gengo´emon Fujiwara Suketaka” (尾崎源五右衛門藤原助隆), “Ozaki Nagato no Kami Fujiwara Ason Suketaka” (尾崎長門守藤原朝臣助隆), real name Ozaki Gengo´emon (尾崎源五右衛門), he was born in the third year of Hōreki (宝暦, 1753) in Harima province but moved later to Ōsaka to study under Kuroda Takanobu (黒田鷹諶), Takanobu in turn was the grandson of the 6th gen. Bungo Kai-Mihara Masaie (貝三原正家), Suketaka received the honorary title Nagato no Kami (長門守) in the twelfth month of Kansei ten (寛政, 1798), he died in the second year of Bunka (文化, 1805) at the age of 53, as Suishinshi Masahide he too tried to copy the tōran-midare of Sukehiro (助広), that means we can see how early shinshintō smiths were influenced by Kamada Natae´s (鎌田魚妙) praise of Sukehiro´s tōran in his standard work Shintō Bengi (新刀弁疑), his successor was his son Takashige (隆繁), Suketaka´s blades have a shallow sori, a thick kasane, much hiraniku, and a relative large chū-kissaki, they show a dense and hardly discernible ko-itame which tends to muji, we know tōran-midare, gunome-midare, and suguha hamon whereas the tōran-midare consists of rough and irregular nie, the tama don´t have an uniform size, he applied a long sugu-yakidashi and the bōshi ist ko-maru, some blades show horimono in the form of dragons, plum blossoms, or a branch of a plum tree, the tip of the tang is an iriyamagata-jiri, the yasurime are ō-sujikai with keshō, he signed also with a characteristical cursive script which tends almost to grass script whereas the date signatures of such mei are entirely executed in grass script, jō-saku



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