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Satsuma Ware


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Today I picked up from a deceased estate some possible antiques. Went there as it said Japanese stuff, so thought there may be sword stuff. No swords, but got a full tea set of Satsuma Ware. Tea pot, six cups and saucers etc. When you hold a cup to the light, the image of a Geisha appear. Is it old, is the set worth anything? 





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Yes my Good Friend, I suspect its worth what you paid for it!!!  Do you want to see my slightly damaged pale green, signed Sung plate I paid $1 for???  Some knowledgeable person told me it was restaurant ware!!!




PS - I'll eat my hat if its worth substantially more than you paid for it...

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Dear Neil.


As you might imagine anything with a label on the bottom in English is not going to be good.  The tea pot is export ware of the 20th Century.  The tea cups have what are called lithophanes, interesting but in the UK pretty common.  I think I heard it said that this is the commonest thing to be brought to an Antiques Roadshow, and needless to say, they never feature on the programme.


Don't go booking that cruise on the strength of these now, will you.  Keep looking!


All the best.


p.s. Bazza's hat is safe :)

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If I recall correctly Satsuma ware became sort of an export ware mainly. However there are some makers that produced real pieces of art.


Your tea set would appear to be made for export.



Edit: to fix broken grammer due to phone (I'm terrible with the touchscreen keyboard).


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I like that cup. Axel.

It's not mine, added for reference. I thought I had several pieces saved in my archive bit I couldn't find them so I googled a bit and added that one. When/if I find them later I'll add them here.


Edit: I found this link trying to find the store where I first found those reference photos I mentioned above I think this could be a good starting place for OP.



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