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San Francisco Show 2020

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I was sincerely hoping to go back this year, but given that the show is all about people from all over the US traveling to SF, and given how COVID cases are still growing alarmingly in many states (especially those who are “reopening” prematurely), I will have to sit out and hope for a better 2021.

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I will not be there for the reasons Michael mentioned, especially as I live in South Florida.


BTW:  how do you disinfect a sword/fitting - every time someone fingers it???  LOL

I have this vision of someone wiping a Tanobe sayagaki with a disinfectant wipe and removing the calligraphy... facepalm.


See y'all in Chi.

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I sent a email off to Grey seeking a tsuba box and apologizing for not having the money to purchased a Satsuma reference book like I talked earlier about with him. I also randomly asking if he will go to the San Fransico show not having read his post. Since my very first show Tampa 2011 Grey has been there. I have a table reversed, flight booked, hotel reversed, and vacation time saved up from the day job. Right now not sure if I will go. COVID-19 cases are now spiking in California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona. I feel sad. :(            

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Stephen - it seems to still be going forward but apparently the big issue is that if the state closes venues then it's off the books.  Living in South Florida things the way they are here there's absolutely no way I will get on a six hour flight going anywhere at my age, mask or not.  It's just not worth the risks.  I just hope things are good to go for the Chicago show next year as that one is a lot of fun.  Just like that bowl of porridge;  not too hot, not too cold - j-u-s-t   r-i-g-h-t!  LOL

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