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Rare Tanto/Wakizahi Kake - sword stand.

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Hello all,

after years keeping i sell my Kake.


Prob. late Edo.


The base is 28,9 x 6,2 cm, 2,1 high.


Total high is 12,3 cm.


Black urushi. The poles real bamboo, formed into square. The top covers in leather.


The Kamon in gold urushi.


Two bigger dents in the back otherwise minor dents. But at all fantastic condition.


490 € + shipping.


post-927-0-98022800-1590997751_thumb.jpg post-927-0-47891700-1590997761_thumb.jpg post-927-0-24699500-1590997770_thumb.jpg


post-927-0-02721200-1590997779_thumb.jpg post-927-0-11397300-1590997790_thumb.jpg post-927-0-35950000-1590997800_thumb.jpg


post-927-0-83379900-1590997810_thumb.jpg post-927-0-82186100-1590997824_thumb.jpg


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Handsome! I’ve never seen bamboo squared-off like that—inspired to go play in the workshop!

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Good morning Michael,


There is actually a square bamboo called Chimomobambusa quadrangularis.


However the cultivation of bamboo into unusual forms by means of restrictive collars and battens has a long history in Japanese Crafts.



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