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Kyu Gunto with Old Blade

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Greeting, everyone. I recently made a big purchase (for me) and bought a sword online. I purchased it from showa22. I have read that alot of people dont like his practices but i really liked the look of the sword and the length of the blade is 27 3/8". I paid $1200 for it. The auction info says it has a 1700s era blade on it. It is in original polish (another reason why i really liked it). I thought I would share some pictures and see how the board thought I did. The price from other sold items similar to it seems fair not super high or the best deal ever by any stretch. Enough with my horrible grammar and rambling. Lets get to some pictures. 






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Nice example! That price seems to the the going rate for D-guard Kyugunto. It's what I paid for mine (ok, my wife bought it for me!). Looks like you've got a nice gendaito there.


I like the D-guard Type 19s. The always have a fighting blade. At least in my limited experience with them. Hamish could say if that's true or not.

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I think you did ok on this one. The sword looks older to me, maybe Shinto ca. 1600's given the straighter sori. The hamon reminds me of Koto so maybe even older, also given it could be o-suriage. Very nice condition mounts with the family mon too. A pretty good deal at $1200 imo.

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