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Translation of a Mei

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I currently have a Wakizashi that I am in the need of translating. I believe I has able to translate the date to " a day in the 2nd Month of the 6th year of 1854 (Ansei)" which would be February of 1859.


However I am unable to to translate the other side.


The side that does not have a date appears to have a stamp at the bottom. I have tried to google this but have had no luck.


This is my first time trying to translate and am new to this whole process so any corrections or help would be much obliged.






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Dear Unattractive dog or Steven as we would prefer to call you. :)


Have a look here, https://www.aoijapan.com/tanto-saku-you-baku-kashi-hosokawa-masamori-kokuin/


We would all like to see more images of the blade and dimensions please.  As you may be aware there are a lot of faked signature in this world so some careful comparison is in order.  However so far it looks good.


All the best.

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So the blade is dimensions are as follows


14" Edge

19 3/4" overall length ( with the handle on the overall length is 20 1/2" )

3/4' thickness

the Hamon goes up about 1/2" but is faded

If needed ill try to get more pictures of the blade





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Do us all a favor and go to your settings and update a first name (site rules, and we just like talking to real people!)


And thanks! Didn't have that hotstamp in my records - now I do!

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