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Etchu zunari Hosakawa Kabuto


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Some months ago I bought a very sad Etchu Zunari Kabuto with the express intent of trying my hand at a restoration. I used all traditional materials (with the exception of contact adhesive to attach the leather to the shikoro. 


I would be interested in your opinion of the result.


John B







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That looks really good John well done you have skills.. I have a similar nunari that is in pretty good condition apart from the inside as it is bare metal. Has yours got the padding underneath. Please excuse my lack of correct terms. Id love to get the padding and chin strap for mine. I need to get a better maedate as well.





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Ukebari are usually fitted with a sort of strip (think shirt collar) which is bent over and glued down. You have to put holes in the right places in these strips for the eye hoops through which you will later thread the Shinobi-no-o.


I heard a rumour that you can get hand-stitched traditional style Ukebari from Morisaki San, but a little birdie told me it will cost you around $100. If this is not true, someone please advise. I had my wife do the traditional spiral stitching on one that I was making after I got fed up about halfway through. It is hours and hours of work. If you do not need one with the spiral stitching, please PM me.


(Apologies for thread drift)

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Loads of ground layers, lost count. Three or four to get the shape right. and loads to get all the lines looking good. (I’m sure Mr Thatcher does it a lot more efficiently) and then I guess four or five coats of urushi to finish. 


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The second one...blacker.  There’s s a very slight browness to the first.

:glee:  Yesterday, inspired by the gorgeous quality of new lacquer, I dusted off almost all of the lacquer objects around the house, having a cleaning field day. Everything is now sparkling, with some deeper colours revealed (save some tougher stains, chips, rust etc.) 

Five Koshirae, six Tanegashima, three Jingasa, one Shokudai, two Mokugyo, two large Tebako, three powder flasks and one small circular black lacquer Makie container, all felt the lash and wrath of my microfiber and spray. They really came up beautifully.  :thumbsup:

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