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Iron tsuba and two prints for sale


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1. Iron Iyo-Shoami Tsuba
Mai: Yoshu Matsuyama Ju Shoami Moritsumi
Length :  8.26 cm x  cm 8.05
Thickness: 0.40  cm
122 grams
price  250 
with box 

2.Ukiyo-e depicting samurai made by Ginko Adachi with frame.

The print have nice colors  
Note: In the bottom is missing a small piece that was repaired by an artist. I am against such repair, but I bought that way.
price 160 $


3.  Ukiyo-e by Toyokuni III/Kunisada (1786 - 1864) with frame and certificate from Fuji Arts.


Angry Husband, 1857

Handsome kabuki scene of a husband discovering his wife entertaining a guest. He angrily raises an axe above his head as he glares at the beauty. He steps on the end of her black obi, pulling her off balance, while grabbing the end of a sash held by a cowering man at right. The man kneels on the floor behind a low folding screen covered with woodblock prints, hiding behind his kimono sleeve, an overturned tobacco set on the floor nearby. From left, the actors are Onoe Kikugoro as Yoshizo's wife Osoyo, Bando Kamezo as Yoshizo, and Bando Hikosaburo as Ameya Jirosan. Wonderful detail in the expressive figures and household setting and furnishings. An interesting subject.

28 1/2" x 14"


With excellent color and detail. Three separate panels. Backed with old paper. Slightly curled. Some rubbing and soiling at edges. Please see photos for details. Good overall.


price 250 $











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Thank you Ken!

The Items is located in Europe so no import /custom fees for EU buyers. Tsuba looks much more better in hands and If anyone wants additional photo please PM me. Оpen to reasonable offers. Covid-19 crisis hit me very bad and right now I am unemployed. 


I wish you good health and all the best! Hope everyone is staying safe! 

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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