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FLAT DRAGON HORIMONO Japanese Samurai -Antique/Old Nihonto/30+ inches

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FLAT DRAGON HORIMONO Japanese Samurai -Antique/Old Nihonto/30+ inches. $5000 obo
1 unusual and collectible Japanese Samurai available.  This daito has desirable flat horimono of a dragon.  This flat style of horimono is much less common.  The work is of a high grade.  This traditionally made late 1700’s/early 1800’s A.D. Japanese daito would make an important acquisition for any collection.
Measures a long 30 7/8” (78.4 cm) from the tip to the bottom of the notch in the habaki.  Mumei.  This hamon is suguha/straight with occasional undulating peaks.
This daito’s sori/curvature is very slight.  I showed this daito to a former board member of the American branch of the NBTHK.  He feels this daito is much deserving of a polish—its exceptional horimono work, and unusual length make it deserving of polish.  It is a nihonto unlike any other he has seen in 50 years.
No nicks.  The area below the shinogi line and above the horimono in the bohi has the very slight tiny surface finish changes associated with 75 years of very slight occasional oxidation.  The horimono will not need any polishing.  And the other areas mentioned will need only a lighter polish.  The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy.  There are no blisters.  The wood habaki has damage.
This daito is a perfect candidate for polish and is much deserving of one.  It will paper at shinsa.  This daito is a wise investment—it is unusual, it has superior horimono work, and it is of an extraordinary length.
Here is the link to the listing--there are lots of photos on the listing:
--Matthew Brice


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